The Rough Night Wiki

As soon as I got my first iPod, in high school, I started walking more often. It was just after Christmas, and it got dark at about 5 PM every night. I didn't go out much back then, but I hated the feeling of being at home after dark on Friday and Saturday nights, so I'd go walking. The iPod was just an afterthought.

A destination

I started in the late afternoons and I'd walk around until 1 or 2 in the morning, listening to whatever band I was obsessed with at the time.

My favorite part was getting to a destination, any destination, any landmark, at the climax of a song. I could walk for miles to just to come across a good spot. When I saw what I was approaching, I'd start a song that seemed to fit. As I got closer, I'd hear the drums drop, and the chorus, and I'd look up at the statue or fancy hotel or ocean cliff, and I'd pick up my stride, and I'd look back at the people I was passing on the street, and I'd look back at the landmark. The last few minutes were the buildup of a music video, and the cameras had reached their destination, and I was the star.

Ever since then, I've walked in step with the music in my headphones. If I have to cough, I clear my throat to the rhythm. My legs are strong now, and only once have I ever been too tired to keep walking.